Other papers, panels and comments.

I. Popular writings

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II. Collections of papers 

Collected papers: Volume I “Macroeconomics and Economic Policy”, Volume II “The Welfare State”, Edward Elgar Publishing 1993. 

Hur mycket politik tål ekonomin? Högskattesamhällets problem (How Much Politics can the Economy Take?), Bonnier-Fakta, Stockholm 1986. 

Makt och ekonomi (Power and Economics), Akademilitteratur, Stockholm 1981, 79 pp. 

Ekonomi och mångfald (Economy and Pluralism), Akademilitteratur, Stockholm 1980, 70 pp. 

Fondfrågan (The Issue of Wage-Earners’ Funds), Alba, Stock­holm 1979, 106 pp.

Blandekonomi i omvandling (Mixed Economy in Change), four lectures on economic policy, Aldus, Stockholm 1973, 156 pp. 

Samhällsekonomisk politik (Economic Policy), a collection of previously published papers, Rabén & Sjögren, Stockholm 1971, 316 pp. 


III. Non-printed research papers 

Social Interaction and Sickness Absence (with Mårten Palme and Mats Persson), IFN Working Paper No 725, Stockholm 2007, also CESifo Working Paper No 2215, Munich 2008, 26 pp, and Working Paper No 2009:4, Department of Economics, Stockholm University, 2009, 34 pp. Download.

János Kornai's Contributions to Economic Analysis, lecture at the EEA Congress in Budapest, August 2007. Download. 

Market Reforms, Welfare Arrangements and Stabilization Policy – A Triple Interaction in Employment Policy, mimeo, OECD Minister Conference, June 15-16, Toronto, 2006. Download.

Job Security and Work Absence: Evidence from a Natural Experiment (with Mårten Palme and Mats Persson), revision of CESifo Working Paper No 1687, Munich, February 2006, 37 pp. Download.

The Firm as a Pool of Factor Complementarities (with Dennis Snower), IUI Working Paper No 598, Stockholm June 2003, IIES Seminar Paper No 725, Stockholm October 2003, IZA Discussion Paper No 882, Bonn October 2003 and CEPR Discussion Paper DP4242, London February 2004, 17 pp. Download.

The Division of Labor and the Market for Organizations (with Dennis Snower), Research Institute of Industrial Economics (IUI), Working Paper No 528, Stockholm 2000 and CESifo Working Paper No 267, Munich 2000, 29 pp. Download.

Intergenerational Risk Sharing, Stability and Optimality of Alternative Pension Systems (with John Hassler), IIES Seminar Paper No 631, Stockholm 1997, 38 pp. 

Patterns of Unemployment: An Insider-Outsider Analysis (with Dennis Snower), IIES Seminar Paper No 520, Stockholm 1992, 33 pp. 

Segmented Labor Markets and Unemployment (with Dennis Snower), IIES Seminar Paper No 483, Stockholm 1990, 35 pp. 

Union Activity and Economic Resilience (with Dennis Snower), Centre for Economic Policy Research, Discussion Paper No 114, London 1986. 

Report on the World Bank Research Program – Part II, The World Bank 1984. 

Report on the World Bank Research Program – Part I, The World Bank 1979. 

Endogenous Politicians and the Theory of Economic Policy, IIES Seminar Paper No 35, Stockholm 1973, 61 pp. 

The National State in an Internationalized World Economy, IIES Seminar Paper No 26, Stockholm 1973, 80 pp. 

Monetary Analysis by an Aggregate Model, Working Paper, Department of Economics, Stockholm University 1963.


IV. Newspaper articles

Beskatta oförtjänta vinster - ge till låginkomsttagare, DN 27.11.13. Download.

Hyreskontrollen måste bort för att få fart byggandet, DN 24.11.13. Download.

Fortsatt kapitalexport slår ut investeringar, DN 12.5.13. Download.

”Jag tvivlar på överstatlig finanspolitik i Europa”, DN 17.7.12. Download.

Slutreplik om investeringar i infrastruktur, DNs nätupplaga 16.9.11. Download.

Så kan Sverige få fram pengar till ny infrastruktur, DN 8.9.11. Download.

Så kan psykiatrins kris lösas, SvD 25.8.11 (with Anita Aperia, P C Jersild, Olle Lindvall, Lars Terenius and Denny Vågerö). Download.

Så här kan regeringen bromsa arbetslösheten, DN 4.12.09. Download.

Regeringen måste bejaka tillfälliga budgetunderskott, DN 18.1.09. Download.

Slopa överskottsmålet och använd pengarna nu, DN 20.1.08. Download.

The Three Swedish Models, Project Syndicate 30.05.07, Download. Published in Jurnalul National 30.05.07 Download, Economist’s View 04.06.07 Download, Japan Times 4.06.07 Download, Taipei Times 05.06.07 Download, Turkish Weekly 07.06.07Download, Financial Times Deutschland 07.09.07 Download

China’s Evolving Economic System, Project Syndicate 1.05.07, Download. Published in Sunday’s Zaman 16.05.07Download, L’Orient Le Jour 14.05.07Download, Daily Star Egypt 8.05.07Download,, Lebanon Daily Star 7.05.07Download, Turkish Weekly 7.05.07Download, Taipei Times 6.05.07Download, La Opinión 5.05.07Download, The Strait Times 2.05.07Download, Daily Pakistan 2.05.07Download, South China Morning Post 2.05.07Download, Macau Business 1.05.07Download

Maktväxling ligger också i socialdemokraternas intresse, DN 1.9.06. Download.

Kvalitet eller rättvisa blir vårt val i vården, DN 27.2.05. Download.

Euron höjer vår levnadsstandard, Sydsvenskan 27.8.03. Download.

Oklokt att bli fripassagerare i EMU, DN 30.7.03. Download.

Flytande krona en risk för Sverige, DN 27.4.03. Download.

Euron ger oss en effektivare ekonomi, DN 26.4.03. Download.

Sverige är inne i ond cirkel, DN 13.10.02.

Antikapitalister motsäger sig själva, DN 26.8.01.

Marknadspriser gynnar låginkomsttagare, DN 8.4.01.

Mindre risk med fondsparande, DN 21.10.00 (with Mats Persson).

Vänsterstyret ger oss fler kapitalister, DN 26.4.00.

Skapa en global finansinspektion, DN 10.10.98 (with Dan Lindbeck).

Domedagsprofetiorna kommer för tidigt, DN 8.10.98 (with Dan Lindbeck). 

Farligt försvaga riksbanken, DN 21.2.97 (with Torsten Persson and Lars E. O. Svensson). 

Så kan arbetslösheten sänkas, DN 18.1.97. 

Fel argument mot EMU, DN 27.11.96 (with John Hassler).

Vänta med myntunion, DN 5.5.94. 

The Dilapidated Swedish Model, Newsweek 20.12.93. 

Låg inflation hotar ej jobben, DN 14.9.93 (with Torsten Persson and Lars E.O. Svensson).

Korpi vilseleder igen, SvD May 1993.

113 punkter, SvD 10.3.93.

Ändra krispaketens tidsprofil, DN 22.10.92.

Ett företag räcker, DN 4.2.92.

Avvecklingen får inte äventyras, SvD 18.10.91.

Livsviktigt stimulera privat sparande, Företagarna 8/91.

Avveckla det korporativa systemet, DN 25.9.91.

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