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My research studies the process of economic growth and the importance of social structure for international economic development. Currently I am working on projects which seek to understand, using a variety of approaches and techniques, the sources of resource misallocation and low aggregate productivity in developing countries.

Work in Progress

Credit Constraints, Educational Investment and Misallocation: Evidence from Tanzania

with S. Gulesci, J. de Quidt, and M. Sulaiman.

Credit Constraints and Resource Allocation: Evidence from Ugandan Farmers

with J. de Quidt, B. Lerva, and S. Tripodi.

The Gains from Financial Inclusion: Theory and Quantitative Assessment

with T. Besley and M. Ghatak.

[new working paper]

Language Heterogeneity and Structural Change

Accountability and Incentives: The Impacts of Different Regimes on Hospital Waiting Times in England and Wales

with T. Besley and G. Bevan. [working paper]


Moral Hazard: Experimental Evidence from Tenancy Contracts

Accepted by The Quarterly Journal of Economics, S. Gulesci, B. Lerva, and M. Sulaiman.

[published version] [online appendix] [replication package]

Migrants, Ancestors, and Investments

Accepted by The Review of Economic Studies, with T. Chaney and T. Hassan.

[video] [VoxEU]

Out of Your Mind: Eliciting Individual Reasoning in One Shot Games

Games and Economic Behavior 84: 39-57, 2014, with S. Penczynski.

The Economic Impact of Social Ties: Evidence from German Reunification

The Quarterly Journal of Economics 128(3):1219-1271, 2013, with T. A. Hassan.

[online appendix]   [media coverage: Handelsblatt (14/07/2011)]

Incentives and the de Soto Effect

The Quarterly Journal of Economics 127(1):237-282, 2012, with T. Besley, M. Ghatak.

[online appendix]

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