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My research studies the process of economic growth and the importance of social structure for international economic development. Currently I am working on projects which seek to understand, using a variety of approaches and techniques, the sources of resource misallocation and low aggregate productivity in developing countries.

Work in Progress

Immigration, Innovation, and Growth

with T. Chaney, T. Hassan, L. Tarquinio and S. Terry.

Revise and Resubmit at American Economic Review

[working paper]

Borrowing Constraints and Demand for Remedial Education: Evidence from Tanzania

with S. Gulesci, J. de Quidt, and M. Sulaiman.

Conditionally accepted at The Economic Journal

[working paper]

Market Integration and Industrialization

with I. Almås, T. Boppart and H. Malmberg.

Credit Constraints and Capital Allocation in Agriculture: Theory and Evidence from Uganda

with J. de Quidt, B. Lerva, and S. Tripodi.

The Gains from Financial Inclusion: Theory and Quantitative Assessment

with T. Besley and M. Ghatak.

[working paper]

Language Heterogeneity and Structural Change

Accountability and Incentives: The Impacts of Different Regimes on Hospital Waiting Times in England and Wales

with T. Besley and G. Bevan. [working paper]


Testing Willingness to Pay Elicitation Mechanisms in the Field: Evidence from Uganda

Journal of Development Economics, forthcoming,

with J. de Quidt, S. Gulesci, B. Lerva and S. Tripodi.

[published version] [replication package]

Moral Hazard: Experimental Evidence from Tenancy Contracts

The Quarterly Journal of Economics 134(1):281-347, 2019,

with S. Gulesci, B. Lerva, and M. Sulaiman.

[published version] [online appendix] [VoxDev] [replication package]

Migrants, Ancestors, and Investments

The Review of Economic Studies 86(4): 1448-1486, 2019,

with T. Chaney and T. Hassan.

[published version] [video] [VoxEU] [World Economic Forum] [replication package]

Out of Your Mind: Eliciting Individual Reasoning in One Shot Games

Games and Economic Behavior 84: 39-57, 2014, with S. Penczynski.

The Economic Impact of Social Ties: Evidence from German Reunification

The Quarterly Journal of Economics 128(3):1219-1271, 2013, with T. A. Hassan.

[online appendix]   [media coverage: Handelsblatt (14/07/2011)]

Incentives and the de Soto Effect

The Quarterly Journal of Economics 127(1):237-282, 2012, with T. Besley, M. Ghatak.

[online appendix]

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