Recent Books

Pillars of Prosperity, 2010 Yrjö Jahnsson Lectures, Princeton University Press, August 2011 (with T. Besley).

Advances in Economics and Econometrics, editor, Cambridge University Press: Cambridge, August 2006 (with R. Blundell and W.K. Newey). 

The Economic Effect of Constitutions, MIT Press: Cambridge, August 2003, (with G. Tabellini).

Political Economics - Explaning Economic Policy, MIT Press: Cambridge, August 2000 (with G. Tabellini).

One Money, Many Countries
, CEPR: London, 2000, (with C. Favero, X. Freixas, and C. Wyplosz).

Politisk Makt med Oklart Ansvar, SNS Förlag: Stockholm, 2000 (with A. Lindbeck, P. Molander, O Petersson and B. Swedenborg).

Nobel Lectures Economic Sciences 1991-1995, editor, World Scientific: Singapore, 1997.

Flexible Integration: Towards a More Efficient and Democratic Europe, CEPR: London, 1995 (with M. Dewatripont, F. Giavazzi, J. von Hagen, I. Harden, G. Roland, H. Rosenthal,
A. Sapir and G. Tabellini).

Turning Sweden Around, MIT Press: Cambridge, 1994 (with A. Lindbeck, P. Molander, O. Petersson, A. Sandmo, B. Swedenborg and N. Thygesen)

Monetary and Fiscal policy, Volume I: Credibility, Volume II: Politics, editor, MIT Press: Cambridge, 1994 (with G. Tabellini).