SITE/ASWEDE Conference on Public Sector Efficiency and Effectiveness

Date:14th-15th of December 2017
Place:Stockholm School of Economics
Download:Call for Papers

States capacity to raise revenue and spend it efficiently in favor of their citizens and delivering crucial public goods and services, is by now widely recognized as a crucial, necessary condition for sustained development and growth. Nevertheless, the public sector in several developing countries is substantially constrained by weak fiscal capacity and poor ability to provide critical public goods. A lively strand of economic research is studying which policies succeed in improving the performance of the public sector, from taxation to education, justice and public procurement. The Stockholm Institute of Transition Economics (SITE) together with the Association of Swedish Development Economists (ASWEDE) will host an academic conference at the Stockholm School of Economics to bring together researchers across all fields of economics contributing to the debate about public sector effectiveness and efficiency, and on the most promising ways to improve them. The focus will be on policies for low and middle-income countries. The public policies on which the conference will mainly (but not exclusively) focus will be public procurement and public-private partnerships, the competence, organization and management of public employees, and e-government broadly defined.

We invite submissions of empirical and theoretical research on the above-mentioned topics. Please send your submission to before October 31th, 2017. Priority is given to complete papers, but extended abstracts will be considered as well. Funds for accommodation and travel may be available; please indicate upon paper submission if such assistance is required for participation.

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