Job Market Workshop

Date and Time:28th of November 2017, 15:30pm-17:30pm
Place:Stockholm School of Economics (room 320)

Similar to previous years, we aim for a "job-market workshop". That is, we encourage all PhD students in development who are planning to apply for an academic job at the end of the year to submit their job market papers. To make sure we have a full schedule, senior researchers are also welcome to submit ongoing work.

The workshop provides an opportunity to get a glimpse of what's hot in development economics at the moment as well giving students on the market a chance to get feedback on their papers.

- Paper submission deadline is Thursday Nov 23 (you'll be notified by Nov 24). The length of the presentations depends on the number of submissions. If you are interested in presenting, please email Andreas.
- More exact information about the schedule will follow later on.

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