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Publications in English

Published Research Papers

 [1] Growth, Allocation and Trade in Sweden. An Empirical Application
  the Heckscher-Ohlin Theory. Monograph Series No. 12, Institute
       for International Economic Studies, Stockholm University, 1981, 210
       pp. [Dissertation]. download 

 [2] "A Generalization of the Rybczynski Theorem for a Model with
       Indecomposable Inter-Industry Flows," International Economic Review
20 (1979), 661-670. download JSTOR

 [3] "Optimal Subsidies to Declining Industries: Efficiency and Equity
       Considerations," Journal of Public Economics 22 (1983), 327-345, with
       Torsten Persson and Lars E.O. Svensson, reprinted in Italian as "I Sussidi
       Ottimali ad Industrie in Declino- Considerazioni sull'Efficienza ed Equita,"
       Problemi di Amministrazione Pubblica 9 (1984). 
       download Science Direct

 [4] "A Heckscher-Ohlin Analysis of the Law of Declining International Trade,"
       Canadian Journal of Economics 18 (1985), 602-615. download JSTOR

 [5] "Reverse Dumping," European Economic Review 31 (1987), 82-88.
download Science Direct

 [6] "Industrial Policy under Monopolistic Competition," Journal of
       International Economics
22 (1987), 79-102, with Elhanan Helpman.
       download Science Direct

 [7] "Vertical Product Differentiation and North-South Trade," American
      Economic Review
77 (1987), 810-822 , with Elhanan Helpman. 
download JSTOR 

 [8] "Equal Pay for Unequal Work," Scandinavian Journal of Economics 89
       (1987), 435-450. download JSTOR

 [9] "Strategic Trade Policies in the Market for 30-40 Seat Commuter Aircraft,"
       Weltwirtschaftlisches Archiv 125 (1989), 484-500, with Richard

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        Assaf Razin and Elhanan Helpman (eds), International Trade and Trade
(Cambridge: The MIT Press), 1991, with Robert Staiger.

[11] "Introduction," in Eli Heckscher and Bertil Ohlin, Heckscher-Ohlin Trade
(Cambridge: The MIT Press), 1991.

[12] "Product Markets and 1992: Full Integration, Large Gains?," Journal
        of Economic Perspectives
6 (Fall 1992) 7-30. download JSTOR

[13] "Bertil Ohlin's Contributions to International Economics," in Lars Jonung
        (ed), Swedish Economic Thought (Cambridge: Cambridge University
        Press), 1993.

[14] "EC Members Fighting About Surplus: VERs, FDI and Japanese Cars,"
        Journal of International Economics 36 (1994), 117-131.
        download Science Direct

[15] "From EEA to EU: Economic Consequences of the EFTA Countries,"
        European Economic Review 39 (1994), 457-466.
        download Science Direct

[16] "EMU Effects on International Trade and Investment," in Charles Wyplosz
        (ed), The Impact of EMU on Europe and the Developing Countries
(Oxford: Oxford University Press), 2001, with Per Jansson

[17] "The Young Ohlin on the Theory of Interregional and International Trade,"
        in Ronald Findlay, Lars Jonung and Mats Lundahl (eds), Bertil Ohlin. A
        Centennial Celebration
(Cambridge: The MIT Press), 2002, with M.
        June Flanders.

[18] "Turkey and the EU: Politics and Economics of Accession," CESifo
        Economic Studies
50 (2004), 171-210. download

[19] "Economic Effects of Turkey’s Membership on the European Union," in
        Togan, Sübidey and Bernard M. Hoekman (eds), Turkey: Economic
        Reform and Accession to the European Union
(Washington: World
        Bank and CEPR), 2005.

[20] "Eli Heckscher on Jewish Assimilation and Zionism," in Ronald Findlay et al
       (eds), Eli Heckscher, International Trade, and Economic History
(Cambridge: The MIT Press), 2006.  


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      Press), 1993, with a foreword by Paul A. Samuelson.

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      1997, with Lars Calmfors, Nils Gottfries, Janne Haaland Matlary, Magnus
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 [3] EMU at Ten. Should Denmark, Sweden and the UK Join?, (Stockholm:
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