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Working Papers

 [1] "Labor Unions and the Size of the Public Sector," mimeo, 1988. download

 [2] "When Bad Quality is Good Policy," mimeo, 1992, with Mats Persson.
       [Revised version of Seminar Paper No. 388, Institute for International
       Economic Studies, Stockholm University]. download

 [3] "Why do Pre-Tax Car Prices Differ so Much Across
       European Countries?," IIES Seminar Paper No. 591, 1995, with Håkan
       Nordström. download

 [4] "Trade Effects of the Euro: Aggregate and Sector Estimates," 2003, with
       Håkan Nordström, IIES Seminar Paper No. 746. download

 [5] "Euro Effects on the Intensive and Extensive Margins of Trade," 2006, with
       Håkan Nordström, IIES Seminar Paper No. 750. download
New and revised version: "Explaining Large Euro Effects on Trade: The 
       Extensive Margin and Vertical Specialization", August 2007. download

 [6] "The Euro and Single Market Impact on Trade and FDI", November 2008,
       with Håkan Nordström, mimeo. download

 [7] "Gravity Estimation of the Intensive and Extensive Margin of Trade: An
       Alternative Procedure with Alternative Data", CESIfo Working Paper No.
       3387, 2011, with Håkan Nordström.
 [8] "Swedish Equity Mutual Funds: Performance, Persistence and Presence of
       Skill", Swedish House of Finance Research Paper No. 14-04 2014,
       with Roine Vestman.