Printed Research Papers on Topics

Macroeconomics and Monetary Economics

Idiosyncratic reflections on economics as a science, (Speech at prize ceremony at Kiel University in connection with the reward of 2017 Global Economy Prize), forthcoming in the Journal of Economics, 2017. Download.

Lärdomar av finanskrisen (Lessons from the Financial Crisis), Ekonomisk Debatt No 4, 2010, pp. 5-19. Download.

The Stability Pact – Rationales, Problems, Alternatives (with Dirk Niepelt), Kyklos No 4, 2006, pp. 579-600. Download.

Price Dynamics and Production Lags (with Dennis Snower), American Economic Review 1999;89(2):81-88, AEA Papers and Proceedings, May 1999.

New Keynesianism and Aggregate Economic Activity, Economic Journal 108(446), January 1998. Also IIES Reprint No 578.

The West European Employment Problem, Weltwirtschaftliches Archiv 1996;132(4):609-637. Also IIES Reprint No 563.

How are product demand changes transmitted to the labour market? (with Dennis Snower) The Economic Journal 104(423), March 1995. Also IIES Reprint No 523.

The Interactions of Monetary Policy and Wages (with Thorvaldur Gylfason, Public Choice 1994. Also IIES Reprint No 500.

Macroeconomic Theory and the Labor Market, Presidential Address at the EEA Congress in Cambridge 1991, European Economic Review Vol 36, No 2/3, April 1992. Also IIES Reprint No 466.

Public Spending and Private Services - Macroeconomic Effects (with Parameswar Nandakumar) Oxford Economic Papers Vol 42, No 3, July 1990. Also IIES Reprint No 435.

Wages, Money and Exchange Rates with Endogenous Unions and Governments (with T. Gylfason) Journal of Policy Modelling Vol 12, No 3, autumn 1990. Also IIES Reprint No 440.

Demand- and Supply-side Policies and Unemployment: Policy Implications of the Insider-Outsider Approach, (with Dennis Snower), Scandinavian Journal of Economics Vol 92, No 2 1990. Also IIES Reprint No 425.

Symmetric and Asymmetric Persistence of Labor Market Shocks (with D. Begg, Ch. Martin and D. Snower) The Japanese and International Economies Vol 3, No 4, December 1989. Also IIES Reprint No 424.

Remaining Puzzles and Neglected Issues in Macroeconomics. Scandinavian Journal of Economics Vol 91, No 2 1989. Also IIES Reprint No 403.

Macroeconomic Policy and Insider Power, (with Dennis Snower), American Economic Review No 2, May 1989. Also IIES Reprint No 402.

Long-Term Unemployment and Macroeconomic Policy, (with Dennis J. Snower), American Economic Review No 2, May 1988, pp. 38-43. Also IIES Reprint No 382.

Union activity and wage-employment movements (with Dennis J. Snower), European Economic Review, February/March 1987, Papers and Proceedings Nos 1/2. Also IIES Reprint No 340.

Involuntary unemployment as an insider-outsider dilemma (with Dennis J. Snower), in: W. Beckerman, ed., Wage rigidity, employment, and economic policy, London: Duckworth, 1986. Also IIES Reprint No 327.

Wage setting, unemployment, and insider-outsider relations (with Dennis J. Snower), American Economic Review, Papers and Proceedings, May 1986. Also IIES Reprint No 313.

Endogenous unions and governments: A game-theoretic approach (with Thorvaldur Gylfason), European Economic Review, February 1986. Also IIES Reprint No 304.

Explanations of unemployment (with Dennis J. Snower), Oxford Review of Economic Policy, No 2, 1985, pp. 34-56. Also IIES Reprint No 280.

International and domestic preconditions for economic stability, Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken Quarterly Review, No 2, 1984. Also IIES Reprint No 242.

Union rivalry and wages: An oligopolistic approach (with Thorvaldur Gylfason), Economica, May 1984. Also IIES Reprint No 233.

Competing wage claims, cost inflation, and capacity utilization (with Thorvaldur Gylfason), European Economic Review, February 1984. Also IIES Reprint No 228.

Budget expansion and cost inflation, American Economic Review, Papers and Proceedings, May 1983. Also IIES Reprint No 211.

The recent slowdown on productivity growth, The Economic Journal, March 1983. Also IIES Reprint No 206.

The political economy of cost inflation (with Thorvaldur Gylfason), Kyklos, Vol 35, Fasc. 3, 1982. Also IIES Reprint No 192.

Imported and structural inflation and aggregate demand - The Scandinavian model reconstructed, in: A. Lindbeck, ed., Inflation and employment in open economies, North-Holland, Amsterdam 1979.

Stabilization policy in open economies with endogenous politicians, Richard T. Ely Lecture, American Economic Association Annual Meeting, Dallas 1975, American Economic Review, Papers and Proceedings, May 1976. Also IIES Reprint No 56.

Business cycles, politics and international economic dependence, Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken Quarterly Review No 2, 1975, pp. 53­68. Also IIES Reprint No 39.

Is stabilization policy possible? - Time lags and conflicts of goals, in: Public finance and stabilization policy, Amsterdam 1974. Also IIES Reprint No 34.

On the transmission mechanism of wage changes (together with Lars Jacobsson), Swedish Journal of Economics (Scandinavian Journal of Economics) No 3, 1971, pp. 273-293.

Fiscal policy as a tool of economic stabilization, Kyklos No 1, 1970, pp. 7-30. Also IIES Reprint No 4.

Monetary and exchange reserve policy in the case of European integration (Swedish), Nordiskt Nationalekonomiskt Jubileumsmöte, Aug. 1963, 4 pp.


Public Economics

Social Norms in Social Insurance (with Mats Persson), forthcoming in Journal of Political Economy. Download

Hur avveckla hyreskontrollen? (How to remove rent control?) Ekonomisk Debatt 2016, No.7. Download

Sickness Absence and Local Benefit Cultures (with Mårten Palme and Mats Persson), Scandinavian Journal of Economcis, Vol. 118, No. 1, 2016. Download.

Fenomenet Piketty, Ekonomisk Debatt, No 7, 2014. Download.

A Continuous Model of Income Insurance (with Mats Persson), International Tax and Public Finance, Vol. 6, No. 20, 2013. Download.

Sociala normer och socialförsäkringar – Teori och svenska erfarenheter (Social Norms and Social Insurances – Theory and Swedish Experience, Ekonomisk Debatt No 6, 2008, pp. 17-30. Download.

Prospects for the Welfare State, CeALCI, Fundación Carolina, Madrid, March 2008, 22 pp. In English. In Spanish.

Welfare State, New Palgrave Dictionary, 2nd edition, 2008, 19 pp. Download.

Economic-Social Interaction in China, Economics of Transition Vol 16, No 1, 2008, pp. 113-139. Download. (Also in Kanbur, R. and Zhang, X. (eds.) Governing Rapid Growth in China, Routledge, 2008; and in Journal of Comparative Studies 33, 2007 (in Chinese).

Raising Children to Work Hard: Altruism, Work Norms and Social Insurance (with Sten Nyberg), Quarterly Journal of Economics No 4, November 2006. Download.

Sustainable Social Spending, International Tax and Public Finance Vol 13, No 4, 2006, pp. 303-324. Download.

A Model of Income Insurance and Social Norms (with Mats Persson), IIES Seminar Paper No 742, Stockholm January 2006, and CESifo Working Paper No 1675, Munich February 2006, 32 pp. Download.

Ekonomiska reformer och social utveckling i Kina (Economic Reforms and Social Development in China), Ekonomisk Debatt No 6, 2005, pp. 63-88. Download.

Conceptualization of Non-Financial Defined Contribution Systems. In: R. Holzmann and E. Palmer (eds.) Pension Reform through NDCs: Issues and Prospect for Non-Financial Defined Contribution Schemes, World Bank, Washington, DC, September 2005. Download.

Sjukskrivning som ett socialt fenomen (Sickness Absence As A Social Phenomenon) (with Mårten Palme and Mats Persson), Ekonomisk Debatt No 4, 2004. Download.

An Essay on Welfare State Dynamics. In B. Södersten (ed.) Globalization and the Welfare State, Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke and New York, 2004. Download.

Improving the Performance of the European Social Model – The Welfare State over the Life Cycle. In: J. Gaul (ed.) Building a Dynamic Europe, Cambridge University Press, 2004, 30 pp. Download.

Changing Tides for the Welfare State: An Essay. In: S. Cnossen and H-W. Sinn (eds.) Public Finance and Public Policy in the New Century, CESifo Seminar Series, MIT Press, Cambridge, MA, 2003, pp. 3-43. Download.

Social Norms and Welfare State Dynamics (with Sten Nyberg and Jörgen W. Weibull), Journal of the European Economic Association 1, 2003, pp. 533-542. Download.

The Gains from Pension Reform (with Mats Persson), Journal of Economic Literature, Vol XLI, No 1, pp. 74-112 March 2003. Download.

The European Social Model: Lessons for Developing Countries, Asian Development Review 2002;19(1):1-13. Also in: R. Pethig and M. Rauscher (eds.) Challenges to the World Economy, Festschrift for Horst Siebert, Springer-Verlag, Berlin-Heidelberg, 2003, pp. 67-79. Download.

Pensions and Contemporary Socioeconomic Change. In: M. Feldstein and H. Siebert (eds.) Social Security Pension Reform in Europe, National Bureau of Economic Research Conference Report, University of Chicago Press, Chicago, 2002, pp. 19-44. Download.

Social Norms and Economic Incentives in the Welfare State (with Sten Nyberg and Jörgen W. Weibull), Quarterly Journal of Economics, 114(1), February 1999.

Incentives in the Welfare State: Lessons for Would-Be Welfare States, The Austin Robinson Lecture, Tunis, Dec. 1995. In: Y. Mundlak (ed.) Contemporary Economic Issues, Proceedings of the Eleventh World Congress of the Inter­national Economic Association, Vol 2: Labour, Food and Poverty, Macmillan Press Ltd, London 1998, pp. 3-24. Also IIES Reprint No 587.

How Can Economic Policy Strike a Balance between Economic Efficiency and Income Equality? In: Income Inequality: Issues and Policy Options, The Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, 1998. Also IIES Reprint No 591.

Welfare State Dynamics. In: The Welfare State in Europe, Challenges and Reforms, European Economy (European Commission, Directorate-General for Economic and Financial Affairs), No 4, 1997, pp. 61-77. Also IIES Reprint No 581.

Optimal Actuarial Fairness in Pension Systems – A Note (with John Hassler), Economics Letters, 55(2) 1997. Also IIES Reprint No 573.

Full Employment and the Welfare State, Lecture at the Award Ceremony of The Frank E. Seidman Distinguished Award in Political Economy, Sept. 21 1996, Memphis Tenessee. Also IIES Reprint No 562 and The American Econo­mist, 42(1) Spring 1997, pp. 3-14.

Incentives and social norms in household behavior, American Economic Review Papers and Proceedings, Vol 87(2), pp. 370-377, May 1997. Also IIES Reprint No 568.

Welfare-State Disincentives with Endogenous Habits and Norms, Scandinavian Journal of Economics, 97(4) 1995. Also IIES Reprint No 544.

Hazardous Welfare-State Dynamics, American Economic Review, Papers and Proceedings, No 85, May 1995. Also IIES Reprint No 538.

Uncertainty under the Welfare State – Policy-Induced Risk, The Geneva Papers on Risk and Insurance, No 73 (19th year) 1994. Also IIES Reprint No 518.

Overshooting, Reform and Retreat of the Welfare State, De Economist, 1994, 142(1). Also IIES Reprint No 499.

The Welfare State and the Employment problem, American Economic Review, Papers and Proceedings, 84(2) 1994. Also IIES Reprint No 512.

A Model of Political Equilibrium in Representative Democracy, (with Jörgen Weibull) Journal of Public Economics No 2, June 1993. Also IIES Reprint No 491.

Public Finance for Market-Oriented Developing Countries. In: Kim and Krausse (eds.), Economic Development and Trade Liberalization, 1991. Also IIES Reprint No 444.

Altruism and Time-Consistency - The Economics of Fait Accompli, (with Jörgen W. Weibull), Journal of Political Economy No 6, December 1988. Also IIES Reprint No 390.

Welfare effects of alternative forms of public spending (with Jörgen W. Weibull), European Economic Review, March 1988. Also IIES Reprint No 357.

Consequences of the Advanced Welfare State, The World Economy, Vol 11, March 1988, pp. 19-38. Also IIES Reprint No 369.

Individual Freedom and Welfare State Policy, Schumpeter Lecture, European Economic Association Annual Meeting, Copenhagen 1987, European Economic Review, Papers and Proceedings Nos 2/3, March 1988. Also IIES Reprint No 365.

Balanced-budget redistribution as political equilibrium (with Jörgen W. Weibull), Public Choice, 52, 1987. Also IIES Reprint No 347.

Is the Welfare State in Trouble? Eastern Economic Journal Vol 13, No 4, Oct/Dec. 1987.

Intergenerational aspects of public transfers, borrowing and debt (with Jörgen W. Weibull), Scandinavian Journal of Economics, No 1, 1986. Also IIES Reprint No 310.

Redistribution policy and the expansion of the public sector, Journal of Public Economics, Vol 28, Dec. 1985. Also IIES Reprint No 302.

Tax effects versus budget effects on labor supply, The Economic Inquiry, October 1982. Also IIES Reprint No 199.

Work Disincentives in the Welfare State, lecture at the Annual Meeting of the Austrian Economic Association, October 1, 1980, Nationalökonomische Gesellschaft Lectures 79-80, Publisher Manz, Vienna 1981. Also IIES Reprint No 176.

Inequality and redistribution policy issues (Principles and Swedish Experience), in: Education, inequality and life chances, Vol 2, OECD, Paris 1975, pp. 229-385.

Problems of Stabilization Policy (Stabiliseringspolitiska problem) (Swedish), National­ekonomiska Föreningens Förhandlingar, Stockholm 1971;4:119-139.

Rent control as an instrument of housing policy, in: A. Nevitt (ed.) The econo­mic problems of housing, International Economic Association, London 1967, pp. 53-72.

Location policy, Skandinaviska Banken Quarterly Review No 2, 1964, pp. 41-50.

The theory of public finance (Swedish), Ekonomisk Tidskrift (Scandinavian Journal of Economics) No 2, 1960. Article based on Musgrave's Theory of public finance, pp. 116-150.


Labor Economics

Investment, Rational Inattention, and Delegation (with Jörgen Weibull), IFN Working Paper No. 1171, 2017. Download.

Pay Schemes, Bargaining, and Competition for Talent (with Jörgen Weibull), IFN Working Paper No. 1100, 2015. Download.

Comments on Skedinger: Employment Consequences of Employment Protection Legislation, Nordic Economic Policy Review, 2011:1. Download.

Unemployment - Structural. In: N. J. Smelser and P. B. Baltes, eds., International Encyclopedia of the Social and Behavioral Sciences, Pergamon, Elsevier Science, Oxford, 2002.

Insiders versus Outsiders (with Dennis Snower), Journal of Economic Perspectives, winter 2001;15(1):165-188. Download.

The Labor Market. In: Governance, Equity and Global Markets, Proceedings of the Annual Bank Conference on Development Economics in Europe, Paris, June 21-23, 1999, Paris: La Documentation Française, 2000, pp. 169-175.

Centralized Bargaining and Reorganized Work: Are They Compatible? (with Dennis Snower), European Economic Review, 2001;45(10):1851-1875. Download.

Multitask Learning and the Reorganization of Work: From Tayloristic to Holistic Organization (with Dennis Snower), Journal of Labor Economics 2000;18(3):353-376.

Reorganization of Firms and Labor Market Inequality (with Dennis Snower), American Economic Review, Papers and Proceedings, No 86, May 1996. Also IIES Reprint No 551.

Microfoundations of Unemployment Theory, Labour Vol 5, No 3, winter 1991. Also IIES Reprint No 473.

Interactions between the Efficiency Wage and Insider-Outsider Theories, (with Dennis Snower) Economic Letters Vol 37, No 2, October 1991. Also IIES Reprint No 457.

Unemployment and Labor Market Imperfections, in: Issues in contemporary Economics, Vol 2. Macroeconomics and Macroeconometrics, Mark Nerlowe (ed.) for the International Economic Association 1991 (Macmillan Press Ltd). Also IIES Reprint No 441.

Inter-Industry Wage Structure and the Power of Incumbent Workers (with Dennis Snower), in: Labor Relations and Economic performance, R. Brunetta and C. dell'Aringa (eds.) for The International Economic Association, The Macmillan Press Ltd, 1990. Also IIES Reprint No 429.

Cooperation, Harassment and Involuntary Unemployment: Reply (with Dennis Snower), American Economic Review Vol 80 No 3, June 1990.

Job Security, Work Incentives and Unemployment, (with Dennis J. Snower), Scandinavian Journal of Economics No 4, 1988. Also IIES Reprint No 399.

Cooperation, Harassment, and Involuntary Unemployment (with Dennis J. Snower), American Economic Review, March 1988 (longer version in IIES Seminar Paper No 321, Institute for International Economic Studies, Stockholm 1985, 52 pp.). Also IIES Reprint No 375.

Strike and Lock-Out Threats and Fiscal Policy, (with Dennis J. Snower), Oxford Economic Papers, Vol 39, No 4, December 1987, pp. 760-784. Also IIES Reprint No 364.

Efficiency Wages versus Insiders and Outsiders (with Dennis J. Snower), European Economic Review, February/March 1987, Papers and Proceedings Nos 1/2. Also IIES Reprint No 342.


International Economics

Policy Autonomy vs. Policy Coordination in the World Economy, From One Glo­bal Market, Hans Tson Söderström (ed.) SNS 1989. Also IIES Reprint No 400.

The international economic environment and industrialization possibilities in developing countries, Industry and Development No 12, UNIDO, Vienna 1984, pp. 9-42. Also IIES Reprint No 236.

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Stabilization, allocation and distribution aspects of international reserves, Com­ments, in: International reserves - needs and availability, IMF, Washington 1970, pp. 36-42.


Economic Systems and Economic Structures

János Kornai's Contributions to Economic Analysis, lecture at the EEA Congress in Budapest, August 2007. Download.

China's Reformed Economy, CESifo Forum No. 1, 2007, pp. 8-14. Download.

An Essay on Economic Reforms and Social Change in China, Working Paper No. WPS 4057, World Bank, Washington, DC, 2006. Download.

E-exchange and the Boundary between Households and Organizations (with Solveig Wikström), Kyklos 2,  2003. Download.

The ICT Revolution in Consumer Product Markets (with Solveig Wikström), Consumption, Markets and Culture 2000;4(1):77-99.

What is wrong with the West European economies?, The World Economy, June 1985, pp. 153-170. Also IIES Reprint No 287.

Emerging arteriosclerosis of the Western economies - Consequences for the Less Developed Countries, lecture at the International Center, New Delhi, India International Centre Quarterly No 1, 1982. Also IIES Reprint No 191.

Economics and Culture – the importance of a decentralized culture (Swedish). In: M. Johansson (ed.) Kulturen och Friheten, Timbro 1982.

Industrial policy as an issue in the economic environment, The World Economy, December 1981. Also IIES Reprint No 172.

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Symposium: Economics of The New Left, Rejoinder, The Quarterly Journal of Economics, November 1972, pp. 665-683.

The efficiency of competition and planning. In: Michael Kaser and Richard Portes, eds., Planning and market relations, London 1971, pp. 83-107.


Methodology and History of Economic Thought

Idiosyncratic reflections on economics as a science, (Speech at prize ceremony at Kiel University in connection with the reward of 2017 Global Economy Prize), Journal of Economics, 2017, vol 11, sept 29. Download.

Reflektioner om nationalekonomins styrka och begränsningar (Reflections on the Strengths and Limitations of Economics), Ekonomisk Debatt No 7, 2012. Download.

Nationalekonomi – vad är det ?(Economics – What is That?), Årsbok 2012, Kungl. Vitterhetsakademien, Stockholm. Download.

Ekonomisk politik och politisk ekonomi – ett personligt perspektiv (Economic policy and political economics – a personal perspective), forthcoming in Ekonomisk Debatt No 5, 2010. Download.

The Sveriges Riksbank (Bank of Sweden) Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel 1969-2007, The Nobel Foundation's Internetmuseum (, 2007. Download.

Dag Hammarskjöld as economist and government official, Sveriges Riksbank Economic Review 3, Stockholm 2005, pp. 9-12. Download.

The prize in economic science in memory of Alfred Nobel, Journal of Economic Literature, March 1985, pp. 37-56. Also IIES Reprint No 273.

Prize in economic science in honor of Alfred Nobel to Wassily Leontief for the input-output method, Scienza & Tecnica 74, Milano 1974.

Paul Anthony Samuelson's contribution to economics, The Swedish Journal of Economics (Scandinavian Journal of Economics) No 4, 1970, pp. 342-354. Also in: Contemporary Economists in Perspective, Greenwich/Conn., London 1984, pp. 5-18. Also IIES Reprint No 17.

The method of isolation in economic statics - a pedagogical note, The Swedish Journal of Economics (Scandinavian Journal of Economics) No 3, 1966, pp. 148-165.

The classical 'dichotomy' (Swedish), Ekonomisk Tidskrift (Scandinavian Journal of Economics) No 1, 1961, pp. 25-46.


Swedish Economy

Lindbeckkommissionen och framtiden (The Lindbeck Commission and the Future), Ekonomisk Debatt No 4, 2013. Download.

Three Swedish Models, lecture at conference arranged by the Mont Pelerin Society in Stockholm, August 2009. Download.

Ett samhällsekonomiskt perspektiv på överskottsmålet in Calmfors, L., A. Lindbeck and B. Lundgren, Statens framtida finanser, SNS förlag 2008. Download.

Korpi vilseleder igen (Is Sweden Lagging Behind? Korpi Misleads Again), Ekonomisk Debatt (with C. Håkanson) No 1, 2005. Download.

Lessons from Sweden for Post-Socialist Countries. In: J. Kornai, S. Haggard and R. Kaufman, eds., Reforming the State. Fiscal and Welfare Reform in Post-Socialist Countries, Cambridge University Press, 2001, pp. 145-180.

Swedish Economic Growth in an International Perspective, Swedish Economic Policy Review, 2000;7(1):7-37. Download.

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Options for Economic and Political Reform in Sweden (with Molander, P., Persson, T., Petersson, O., Sandmo, A., Swedenborg, B. and Thygesen, N.) Economic Policy 17, Oct. 1993. Also IIES Reprint No 495.

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