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I am an Assistant Professor in Economics at the Institute for International Economic Studies, Stockholm University. My research seeks to combine information economics with macroeconomics and finance. I am especially interested in the macroeconomic consequences of information frictions.

Upcoming Presentations

14/11/2017 - Banque de France, Paris

13/12/2017 - Cornell, Ithaca

06/01/2017 - AEA/ASSA, Philadelphia

Working Papers

An Informational Rationale for Action over Disclosure

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Learning by Sharing

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The Informativeness of Prices

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US Monetary Policy & Uncertainty: Testing Brainard's Hypothesis

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Work in Progress

Sparse Expectations: A Unified Explanation of Forecast Data

with A. Walther

Safety is Paramount: On the Demand for Safe Assets

with S. Boserup, A. Walther, and S. Walther

Quantifying Imperfect Information

with D. Robertson

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